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Bob Smith

Investor, Board Member, Advisor, Philanthropist, and Youth Mentor

Bob was a fund manager and analyst at T Rowe Price Associates for 25 years.  He also served as a board member and Head of the board for the Epilepsy Foundation of America.  In addition, he was Head of the T Rowe Price Foundation board.  He is a current board member of the Darden Business School, University of Virginia.  He is also a current board member and founder of Hills to Climb, a non-profit summer camp for inner city youth. 

Bob is a father of three grown children.  The youngest, Andy, has epilepsy.  A successful surgery seven years ago has left Andy seizure-free and living a productive, normal life.  For that he feels blessed. He and his wife have supported epilepsy research through the Epilepsy Foundation, funded Epilepsy Fellows at Jefferson Hospital as well as supported the start-up of an electrophysiology lab there.  They have also invested in several technology companies targeting epilepsy.

Bob Smith
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