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Jillian Copeland

Main Street, Diener School, Teens Like Us

Jillian was an educator, staff trainer and technology coordinator for Montgomery County Public Schools for ten years prior to founding The Diener School in 2007. Since Diener’s inception, they have educated more than 250 students and their families. In 2014, Jillian created Teens Like Us, a weekend and summer-inclusive social program designed to meet the needs of teens with disabilities in the Greater Washington area.

Jillian’s latest and greatest endeavor, Main Street, is a joint initiative with her husband Scott. Main Street is a model and a mindset, the first of its kind inclusive and affordable apartment building and community center serving people of all abilities. Main Street opened its doors to residents in the summer of 2020 and currently provides membership opportunities to over 250 resident and non-resident members.

Jillian also proudly served on The University of Maryland’s Transition Hub, the disability inclusion committee of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, The Developmental Disabilities Administration Supported Living Advisory Committee, and Jubilee’s Housing Task Force. Jillian is a board member at The Diener School and is the Co-Chair of the Maryland Inclusive Housing Montgomery County Chapter.

Jillian’s passion and service to vulnerable populations is to help people rise. She is a highly energetic and authentic speaker motivating people of all stages, ages, and backgrounds to find their purpose and passion. Jillian and her husband, Scott, are the proud parents of Danny, Jack, Nicol, and Ethan.

Jillian Copeland
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