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Anne T. Berg, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor of Neurology
Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

Anne T. Berg, Ph.D. is an epidemiologist and clinical researcher whose research over the past 30 years has focused on the “natural” history of seizures and epilepsy with a specific emphasis on seizure outcomes, developmental and cognitive consequences of epilepsies in children, and the impact all of these have on the quality of life for patients and families. She led the US multicenter Early Life Epilepsy Study, which highlighted the importance of early genetic - “precision” - diagnosis for infants presenting with seizures. She led the Natural History Project and the Ability Study aimed at understanding the full impact and range of neurological, medical, behavioral, and other challenges for children and families affected by developmental epilepsies and encephalopathies. Currently, she directs the SCN2A Clinical Trial Readiness Study and is intensely involved in the Inchstone Project led by DEE-P Connections.

Anne T. Berg, Ph.D.
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