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Greg Grunberg

Actor; Co-Founder, Talk About It Company

A strong advocate in the Epilepsy community, Grunberg partnered with Phil Gattone and Ken Lowenberg to create the Talk About It Company to raise awareness for people with the condition, like his eldest son Jake, with & as well as their vocal podcast “TALK ABOUT IT”. Currently, Greg is shooting his popular YouTube series “THE CAREGIVER“ for the Epilepsy community ( 

Greg Grunberg is best known as X-wing pilot Snap Wexley in “STAR WARS,” as well as “STAR TREK,” “A STAR IS BORN” and alongside Al Pacino in the Barry Levinson film ‘PATERNO.’  As well as on his memorable series “HEROES,” “CASTLE ROCK,” “LOST,” “ALIAS,” and “FELICITY.” Grunberg can be seen in Steven Spielberg’s semi-autobiographical feature “THE FABELMANS” and the new series “DUSTER” for HBOMax. 

Greg co-wrote the graphic novel series “DREAM JUMPER” for Scholastic. Book 2 is everywhere now. Grunberg is a staple on the popular gameshow “25 WORDS OR LESS” and has his Talkshow “Zero-To-60” on SpeedvisionTV. Grunberg started his celebrity rock band “THE ACTION FIGURES“ ( with fellow actors Jesse Spencer, Adrian Pasdar, Jack Coleman, and Scott Grimes.

Greg Grunberg
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