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The Epilepsies: Taking Action Together

Updated: 24 hours ago

A Roadmap to A National Plan for The Epilepsies

There is a movement afoot to secure a National Plan for the Epilepsies. The burden on our loved ones and families is enormous. The economic toll on our healthcare system is increasing. The epilepsies are not receiving the attention of the federal governemnt they desparately need. The time for taking action together is now!

That, and all other major neurological disorders have plans except for the epilepsies. Parkinsons got theirs most recently. Alzheimers, Autism, ALS and others have them too, as do other diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes and more.

To get Congress to authorize a plan will take our entire community working Together. People with epilepsy, caregivers, organizations, clinicians, researchers, and policymakers acting in concert.

Your voice and engagement will be key. Will you join us? Here's how:

  • Listen to a recent webinar recording [Passcode: ^Qvap2!u]

  • Receive newsletter updates and action alerts, sign up here.

  • Become an organizational Partner here

This is truly a historic moment and an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of the epilepsies. 

Now, let's make history together!

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