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About Us

Epilepsies Action Network brings together parents, siblings, caregivers, and advocates

in partnership with doctors, nurses, researchers, and policy makers to raise awareness and

increase funding for The Epilepsies to improve the lives of all persons living with this disease.


After Jillian and Scott Copeland's third son, Nicol, was diagnosed with Epilepsy when he was eight months old, the two have tirelessly worked to improve his quality of life, as well as improve the lives of others in Maryland and beyond.


Their efforts have included the founding of The Diener School (multi-sensory education), Teens Like Us (social connections for teens with special needs), and most recently, Main Street Apartments, affordable, inclusive community living including residents with developmental disabilities. 



Epilepsy leaders from across the community have collaborated for years joining forces toward urgent transformative change. Pictured from Left to Right: Laura Lubbers, Chief Scientific Officer, CURE Epilepsy; Brandy Fureman; Chief  Outcomes Officer, Epilepsy Foundation; Ilene Penn Miller; Director, Rare Epilepsy Network (REN); Gabrielle Conecker, Incoming Chair, Epilepsy Leadership Council (ELC): and JayEtta Hecker, Co-Founder, DEE-P Connections. 


Not photographed: Laura Weidner, Vice President, Government Relations & Advocacy, Epilepsy Foundation

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