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AreYOUR Members of Congress on the Senate and House Epilepsy Caucuses? Ask Them to Join TODAY!

Visit the bipartisan Epilepsy Caucus to see if your US House of Representatives or Senators have joined. And if not, please encourage them to do. Hearing from constituents is the #1 motivator. Here's how!

Bipartisan Co-Chairs U.S. Reps. Greg Murphy, MD (R-NC-3) and Jim Costa (D-CA-21) launched the first-ever House of Representatives Epilepsy Caucus in February 2023. Senators Eric Schmitt (MO) and Amy Klobuchar (MN) followed suit in February 2024.

Congressional caucuses bring members of Congress together around a shared interest to consider policy solutions—so these caucuses are a great way to raise awareness, build epilepsy champions and advance epilepsy-related federal policies and funding.

We need ALL epilepsy stakeholders to ask their legislators to join. It's easy!

STEP TWO: If they are not, send a PERSONAL message like the one below to encourage them to join. You can look your legislators up using these links. You can even send them a message on their contact me webforms also found in the look ups below.

Senate Look Up: House of Reps Look Up:

Text you can use to communicate with your Member of Congress:
“As someone [LIVING WITH/AFFECTED BY] the epilepsies, I ask [Representative or Senator [LAST NAME] to join the bipartisan congressional Epilepsy Caucus.
At least 3.4 million Americans live with active epilepsy, including 470,000 children and [ADD NUMBER IN YOUR STATE, as found here] people in [STATE].
Epilepsy is a disease or disorder of the brain which causes reoccurring seizures. It is a spectrum disease comprised of many diagnoses including an ever-growing number of rare epilepsies. Epilepsy, seizures, and their severity are different person-to-person, but epilepsy often impacts many aspects of life including needed health care, employment, education and transportation. Epilepsy and/or seizures impose an annual economic healthcare burden of at least $54 Billion.
Thank you for considering this request. Please join the [House/Senate] Epilepsy Caucus today! It would mean so much to my family.

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